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I am just so thrilled to have seen Hooper's brilliant work. Absolutely remarkable! -- The Alvin Ailey of New England (and way beyond!). I will tell everyone I know to be sure to see."


Manchester, MA

Where too much new choreography today disappoints, even by famous names, your BoSoma artistry compares equally or better; reassuring to those of us unsure about dance quality going forward."


Gloucester, MA

The dances were sensual, athletic, dramatically articulated, embodying smooth and beautiful motions. It was hard to turn my eyes the slightest bit! I so enjoyed what was a very unique experience." 


New Jersey

As a first timer seeing BoSoma I was completely captivated by the performance. From the first number to the last I felt transported into a whole other world. The lighting, costume design, and movement quality was beyond innovative. Altogether it was a stunning piece of work and I look forward to my next experience with the company."



What I find so impressive about BoSoma is the melding of athleticism and art so seamlessly. The company exudes such energy whether performing the light hearted or the deeper, introspective pieces. Each company member contributes to the artistic continuity of dance that seems to define BoSoma as a whole."

Bill C.


I really enjoyed the energy of this show and the back and forth between the two companies. The different dances and styles became a dynamic conversation, where you could follow familiar themes while being exposed to something entirely new and unique." 


Brookline, MA

Seeing BoSoma and Collage perform together was a breath of fresh air. Their totally different yet complementary styles combined for an exhilarating, mesmerizing experience."



Although I had not set a foot on stage, I was breathless while watching dancers perform with nonstop energy and elegance in BoSoma’s powerhouse production of “United”!"


Sherborn, MA

The BoSoma performance on Sunday was magical.  The dancers moved beautifully and were so strong — the choreography was wonderful.  I also really enjoyed the combination of BoSoma with the other group exploring the cultural range of music and dancers — it was very exciting."

Nancy S.

Medfield, MA

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