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Why Support BoSoma?


BoSoma 's mission is to make dance a captivating, accessible art form through dynamic performance and community education. But we can't do it without your support.Your donation helps us implement that mission by doing the following:

  • Producing & Executing Performances in Your Community
    Working in collaboration with exceptionally trained dancers, local musicians and visual artists of other mediums, your support enables us to fund these collaborations and share uniquely creative, high energy modern dance with our community.


  • Pay for Professional Dancers
    The BoSoma dancers have a passion for exploring new movement and expressing feelings through movement. They are committed to a regular rehearsal and performance schedule for a year at a time, which fosters a supportive team environment. Your donation contributes to our ability to pay the BoSoma dancers and keep them participating in our company.


  • Educate, Enrich and Develop Curriculum Programs
    Created to enrich the lives of children through the art of dance we are able to partner with organizations like the New England Arts for Literacy which allows us to step away from performance in order to assist educators in developing lesson plans that integrate the art of dance and physical movement into their curricula.

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