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Proof - XT2A9503 - (170513) 6000 x 4000.



Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hooper

Mr. and Mrs. Don Lee

DIRECTOR $1,000 +

Mr. and Mrs. Manning

Mahri and Bill Bode

Geoffrey Hooper

Carol Quaid


Mr. and Mrs. Bernard

Mrs. Amy Moquin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neely

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wallis

Ed Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Konevich

J. McLaughlin

Drew Hammond

SOLOIST $250 +

Mr. and Mrs. Denis Murphy

William Fleming & Susan Anderson

ARTIST $100 +

Janie Mullins

Susan Murphy-LaMarche

Mr. and Mrs. Moreno

Ms. Beverly Pierce

Mr. & Ms. Renfroe

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Wilke

Ashley Kaner

Aurelia Nelson

Cathy and Hilly Ebling

FRIEND $25 +

Jean Baxter

Jaime Boisvert

Dan Borghesi
Meighan Cappello

Pearl D'Amato

Marcia Eaton

Meghan Hood 

Henry Hooper

Pattie Hunter

Olive Johnson & Diane Whittaker

Twila Lanciani

Naomi Lacasse

Mr. and Mrs. Lacasse

Stacey Lai

Twila Lanciani

Gregg Luchs

Sarah Maxfield

Katherine Mendoza

Shelly Schimbeno

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Scott


Proof - XT2A9107 - (170513) 6000 x 4000.

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