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For nearly 27 years, choreographer and educator Katherine Hooper has made an indelible mark on the lives of her students, her dancers and her community. As artistic director of BoSoma Dance Company and owner of the BoSoma School of Dance in Hamilton and Georgetown, Massachusetts, her mission has always been clear: to provide a positive, inspiring environment where students, performers and the audience are free to explore dance as a vehicle to learn more about the world around them, to explore their own identity and to approach life, music or art in a different way.

Born and raised in Sherborn, Massachusetts, and a North Shore resident since 2002, Hooper’s life commitment is to keep dance alive in our communities and to give strength to those she teaches and who experience her work so they can find their own voice and interpret the world.

Hooper is an in-demand choreographer and collaborator. In addition to crafting nearly 50+ dances that have premiered throughout BoSoma Dance Company’s 19 seasons, she has been commissioned to present new works for the Patricia Kenny Dance Collection, the University of Massachusetts Dance Program, Lee Lund Studio of Dance, the Plymouth State University Dance Program, Chorus pro Musica and the Peabody Essex Museum. Her original works have been called “vigorously athletic and artistically sculptural” by the Boston Globe and “thrilling and unpredictable as a summer lightning storm” by Boston Uncommon.

Hooper also presents lectures and master classes around the country and has developed award-winning program for K-12 students. In partnership with the New England Arts for Literacy Project, she works directly with local educators on designing active learning curricula that inspire students to find a deeper comprehension of the literature they are studying. One of her landmark programs, Mathematics and Science, is designed to introduce children to how choreographers use numbers and music mathematically to create choreography and movement patterns. Science topics also integrate and teach the importance of knowing human anatomy and gravity, which allows dancers to be able to move through space.

She began her dance training at RDS Performing Arts in Dover, Massachusetts, continued her professional training at the University of North Carolina, and then completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Following graduation, Katherine moved to Colorado and co-founded Performance Works, Ltd., a contemporary dance and theatre company. As the choreographer and co-artistic director of the company, she taught and performed throughout the area, inspiring local dancers and non-dancers to achieve their personal best through movement. While in Colorado, Katherine also became a certified Pilates trainer through Polestar Education, which has enhanced her passion for creating highly athletic and dynamic movement. 

In 2014, she was awarded the Support Your Studio grant by the Dizzy Feet Foundation for her commitment to bringing dance to the local community through teaching and performances and for her passionate teaching within her studio, where she inspires young dancers of all levels to achieve their best through dance.

Katherine Hooper, BDC Artistic Director
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