April 27th at 8pm |  April 28th at 4pm | Larcom Theatre, Beverly

Katherine Hooper’s latest work, Keys in Black and White,reveals a pianist transforming into the keys of the instrument. It is an abstract, “Fantasia-like” story of how a pianist’s movements and choices, performed by solo dancer Kelsye Chevalier,  bring to life the energy, movement and timing of the piano keys, as performed by six company dancers. As the piece builds, the pianist becomes absorbed by the keys, exposing the energy from her soul through her music. Gloucester-based costume designer, Jennifer Greeke, continues her collaboration with Hooper in designing costumes, entering the world of black and white reflection, pattern and texture. Hooper also draws inspiration from the whimsical music of neoclassical composers Poppy Ackroyd and Florian Christl, as well as the work of painter Marcel Duchamp and his fascination with the concepts of movement and transition through time.


Hooper will also debut a new duet performed by company dancers Stephanie Boisvert and Candace Perry, which has been crafted to showcase their intensity, strength and passion on stage. Set to music from Quartet San Francisco Plays Brubeck, this classic jazz inspired piece blends stylized, nostalgic and playful movement to life.

BDC brings back to stage the fan favorite, Train Stop Shuffle (2016), set to the toe-tapping music of Club des Belugas. This piece transports the audience to the 1960’s age of aviation, where flight attendant uniforms were as sophisticated as their place in history. This piece exposes a dream-like sequence in the minds of the crew while waiting for the train to get to their next flight in the ‘friendly skies’.

To complete this 15th Anniversary Spring Season show, BDC will again showcase their electrifying rhythmic work Tapestry: A Sonata in Three Movements (2018) back to the stage.

Get a sneak peek of our new work!


Jen Greeke is an artist and clothing designer based out of  Gloucester MA. She has her bachelors degree from Parsons School of Design in fashion design and has a masters from NYU's Tisch school for design for stage and film in costume design. After graduating Jen worked on various productions in dance, stage and film. After taking a hiatus from costume she moved back to Massachusetts and started Harpy Fashion. Most recently Jen has been turning to the world of wearable art and has most recently won Searts wearable art competition. She is very excited to come back to costume to work with BoSoma dance company on Tapestry.  


Resident Studio BoSoma School of Dance​ /  15 Walnut Road  /  Hamilton, MA 01982  /  (978) 977-3262 /

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